Jul 15, 2008

Scene from #643: The Rebuilding of Whit’s End

An episode that WILL NOT BE RELEASED!! Once again, count on Rusty for you inside scoop! Episode 643: The Rebuilding of Whit’s End! (As you may recall, Whit’s End suffered an explosion that was detonated when Candy Connell pressed the button on Whit’s “New Invention”; #642 The Imagination Station Revisited pt2)

WHIT: It was awfully nice of you to help out, Connie.
CONNIE: My pleasure, Whit! Whit’s End is like my home-away-from-home. I wouldn’t miss it!
EUGENE: I feel a need to also express my condolences, Mr. Whittaker. The crushing loss of the as-said “home-away-from-home” due to an unfortunate disaster brought about by the vast expansion rate of a simple packet of dynamite has left a sense of utter grievance in the hearts of most at present!
BERNARD: What did he just say?
CONNIE: He says we’re sad that Whit’s End exploded.
TOM: Howdy, folks!
WHIT: Tom! What are you doing here? I thought you died!
TOM: Oh, that was just my actor, Walker Edminston. Nice guy! But they got a new actor for me now. Nailed it pretty good, didn’t he now?
EUGENE: With the proverbial hammer!
CONNIE: What are you doing here, Tom?
TOM: Well, I was at City Hall when I heard about Whit’s End. I decided to come on over and see how I could help!
BERNARD: What were you doing at City Hall?
TOM: I was seeing if I could run for mayor again!
EVERYONE: Really? Wow! That’s great!
TOM: Ya, Mayor Fay is resigning, so the job’s open!
CONNIE: Let’s hope Bart doesn’t try to run again.
TOM: He can’t run. Hurt his leg last week. He might be able to limp…
BERNARD: How did he hurt himself?
TOM: Rumor has it that he tripped over that loose board in aisle 3 at the Electric Palace.
EUGENE: But that board has been there for over a decade!
TOM: Well you see, he’s got a new actor too. Doesn’t quite know the ropes yet. I honestly think he should just fix the board, but that’s Bart.
EUGENE: Indeed.
WHIT: Well, we have to get back to work. Tom if you want help, you could run over to the hardware store and get some more nails.
TOM: Well I’d love to help you Whit, but I can’t run. I hurt my leg last week

Jul 12, 2008

Hear Me, Hear Me

Things are still being sorted out, and I'm still bored, so back to the fun! Here's a clip I took from the episode Hear Me, Hear Me. Add a little Rusty touch, and viola!
Click HERE to listen!

Jul 11, 2008


Woah, that was weird. Being traced? Hey Danielle, were you tracing him? Was that message anything like the ones that appeared before? I'm lost... and annoyed! Imagine, someone hacking into such a charitable site as this.

-Rusty G.


Be warned, people. The warnings are true, and Odyssey is danger. I’m being traced, so I can’t stay. I will only leave you with this message:


Jul 9, 2008

Fun with Photoshop!

The following is the kind of thing I do when I'm bored. You have to admit, it's a LOT of fun!
Stay posted for more!

Jul 7, 2008

Whit's Desk Bug

The folowing is a clip of the video that came from the camera I planted in Whit's Office. Ya I know, real unique.

Most of it is nothing, this clip comes from the very end of the tape. Unfortunately my tape ended in the middle. Lame tape, but there were budget cuts.

As you may see, what started as a prank turned into a mystery, one I intend to uncover!

-Rusty G.

An Overdue Update

I'm back, folks!
I apologize for the delay, there was an... incident...
Anyway, I'm back now with some updates. We have fun stuff planned in the future, including-of course-updates from our mysterious situation in Odyssey, me having fun on photoshop,(yay!) a video from a camera cleverly planted in Whit's house, and even... (drumroll please,) Rusty Gordon's Book will be available for download!!

Stay tuned, folks!!

-Rusty G.

Jul 3, 2008

Slow Work

Sorry about not updating. I have yet to get anything from that encrypted message. It may take more time. I have contacted a friend out of country, and he says he'll try to help. He's seen the same type of encryption before, but he can not put his finger on it either.

I'm working to find out who is behind all this. As Rusty said, the computer crashed. That was bad. But I at least saved that one encrypted code. The other one found on Margret Faye's computer is like the last, but of course probably with a different message. My friend is working on it. We don't know if time is for us or against us. There may be a long abttle up ahead.

Thanks for waiting patiently. I am working as hard as I possibly can. I'm not getting much sleep these days... this encrypted code is getting to me...

No other have been found, thankfully. But that could be bad.

Oh, myy phone just rang. I think it may be news on something.


Jun 19, 2008


This in: Headway was made this morning on decoding the message. A name was being uncovered, when suddenly the computer crashed and everything on it was deleted! (I wish I had thought of that...)

Another message popped up later on the office computer of Mayor Margret Fay.
Professionals are working on it.

-Rusty G.

Jun 18, 2008

Critical Information

Thanks, Rusty... you sure help me a lot, now don't you?

I found out some interesting news while in Whit's End today. Whit was talking with me when Alex Jefferson came downstairs. He said that a message had appeared on Whit's computer in his office. An unknown sender. It had cryptic writing, and it looked vaguely familiar. I had seen it somewhere before, I just have yet to put my finger on it...

The message has yet to be decifered. The IP adress for the unknown sender wound its way back to Campbell College. A computer from their computer lab. Still not known who was using it. Whoever it was didn't sign in with their actual name. Oh well.

I have no new information as of right now. Stay tuned for more info though. I will soon post the message found on Whit's computer. Maybe you could decifer it. If I haven't.

I have to go now. Till later...

Jun 17, 2008


Be prepared, people!

Some of you may have already noticed some strange going-ons... my contact in Odyssey confirmed it.

"Nova Rising!

Stay posted for more on that...
In the mean time, my inside contact will now join me in running this blog.
Give a hearty welcome to Danielle Maxwell!

Jun 15, 2008

Announcement of Coolness: Inside Contact

Just because there's currantly an AIO hiatis, doesn't mean that life stops in Odyssey. I have an inside contact who will keep us updated as to the going-ons during Odyssey's so-called break. This contact, who prefers to remain annonymous, will be sending me an updaye once a day.
As for today's update:
Whit and team are corrantly re-building Whit's End. Due to lack of creativity due to tiredness, it will look exactly the same. They should be finished in about a month.
Wooton continues to draw Powerboy, and it actually seems to be getting worse, if that is possible.

If you have any questions for our inside contact as to what's going on right now in Odyssey; be what's happening with a certain person or event, just e-mail them to me or leave a comment on my page.

-Rusty G.

Jun 12, 2008

Q & A with Rusty

Yep, more answers from yours truly.

Q: So, I have a question for Rusty: What did you think of Butch when he told the Israelites all about you and helped them?
A: All I can say is that I was so fed up with that stupid little stunt that a threw a Rusty Temper Tantrum. (believe me, it's not pretty) It's stupid dweebs like him who inspire me to continue with this blog attacking the laughable town of Odyssey.

Q: Since you seem to be so fond of Odyssey, Rusty, do you know all the citizens of Odyssey?
A: I happen to know a good deal about everyone who lived there when I did, but even though that's changed I try to keep in touch with everything that happens there.
(this Wooton...)

Q: Why'd you write a book about Odyssey in the first place? It's like me trying to write for CBS. A bumbed out time.
A: It's so much fun writing about Odyssey! Once I started, one stupidity after another kept coming to my attention, leading to my book.

Q: Can I get a copy of your book? (hmmmm...)
A: Sorry, my book is not available for order at the moment. However... stay posted and alert for surprises!

Q: Do you still respect Rodney Rathbone?
A: Respect? No. Appreciate? Yes.
Rodney's ok, the kid(if you can call him that) taught me what I know, but... I've definitely surpassed him.

-Rusty G.

Jun 11, 2008

Candy's Song

If you've heard the episode Odyssey Sings, (i won't tell you what I thought of it) you might be wondering what Candy Connal's song was about. Trust me, it's better not to know. But just in case you're still curious, here are the lyrics for her song.

The Trip of a Lifetime

I tripped and fell
Into a well
And I wonder if I'll ever get out

I fell way down
Way, way, way down
Now all I can do is sit here and pout

It was the Trip
Of a lifetime!
The big Trip
Of a Lifetime!
And now I'm stuck here in the well

I sit and shout
And hope I'll get out
And sing this sad song in my head!

For I've fallen down
Way, way, way down
And now my feet feel like led

It was the Trip
Of a lifetime!
The big Trip
Of a Lifetime!
And now I'm stuck here in the well

It was the Trip
Of a lifetime!
The big Trip
Of a Lifetime!
And I hope that my shoes will still sell

Now, aren't you thankful they didn't let her sing it?

-Rusty G.

Jun 10, 2008

Mystery Uncovered: The Destruction of Whit's End!

Connie: When you were revovating this floor, I really couldn't figure out what you were up to. The new hallways... all the doors...
Whit: It allows more kids to have more adventures.
Connie: Well, it may be your best invention yet!
Whit: Oh, I don't know about that. There's something else that might be even better!
Connie: Really?
Whit: Do you want to see?
Connie: Sure!
Whit: Over here... it's this.
Connie: What is it? It looks like an old-fashioned radio.
Whit: Push the red button... if you think you're ready.
Connie: I'm always ready! This button?
Whit: Uh-huh. Go ahead!
Connie: So, what's it gonna do anyway?
Whit: Push it and find out.
Connie: All right, ok!
Whit: See you later, Connie.
Connie: Right. Here goes... (pushes red button)
(High pitched squeeling, a click, and silence)

If you've heard this scene, you're probably wondering what it was about. Your days of wondering are now over. I have the truth of what happened!
Originally it was some corny, dumb little knick-knack that Whit created for the kids. It was suposed to be his "Best invention yet!"
Until I got to it.
The ever-briliant Rusty Gordan himself managed to sneak into Whit's End before the episode was recorded and place a surprise in the "old radio".
A surprise that blew up half of Whit's End!

Now you also know why AIO had to go on a year-long hiatis...

YEEESSSS!! Rusty Gordan has struck again! Just another attempt at bringing some life into that boring old town.

-Rusty G.

Jun 9, 2008

Q & A with Rusty

Since there was just a few question waiting to be asked, I decided to answer them.

Q: Do you still talk to Rodney or any of the other bone members?
A: What, are you kidding?! Why on earth would I make time to do something like that??

Q: Where do you live now that you're out of Odyssey?
A: I still live in Campbell County, but I'm afraid I can't tell you where exactly... security reasons...

Q: Why do you hate Odyssey so much?
A: I think I already answerd this one... if you'd lived there, you'd know why. The people are dumb, the buildings are dumb, the animals are dumb, the whole town is really dumb! 'Nuff said.

-Rusty G.

Jun 8, 2008

The Secret Odyssey: Powerboy

The Secret Odyssey is back... what's the secret?! The answer comes from Mailman of Odyssey, Wooton Basset! He has finally revealed himself as the true writer of the popular comic book Powerboy on an interview with Candy Connal on her stupid talk show.
And so, being as clever as I am, I hacked into the computers at Breathtaking Press and stole the latest edition of Powerboy, still in progress!

And here is a small sample; be prepared to be stupefied with dumbness!

I'm now officially creeped out.

Well that's all for now. Stay posted for more from The Secret Odyssey!

-Rusty G.

Jun 7, 2008

Q & A with Rusty

Back again, to answer all your nagging questions.

Q: Do you know who exactly is this "Ginger" Rodney so frequently dreams of?
A: Ah, a sad story... when Rodney was in his younger days, he met a cute girl named Ginger... who later ended up dumping him for someone with a more normal IQ. It was a downfall in Rodney's life, and I don't think he's quite recovered since...

Q: Are the Bones still an active gang?
A: As far as I know, the Bones are still an active gang... though it has obviously slipped from it's glory days.

Q: Have you always hated Odyssey?
A: As long as I can remember...

Q: How do you feel about seeming to have outgrown former Bones of Wrath friend, Rodney Rathbone??
A: I have obviously always been above him.

Q: What inspired you to write a book about Odyssey? No offense, but behind Rodney, you're the last person in Odyssey from whom I would think would write a book.
A: Though I may seem like an unlikely candidate for book-writing, there's so much stupidity surrounding Odyssey, who could resist writing about it? (Please DO NOT compare me with Rodney in the future...)

-Rusty G.

The Secret Odyssey

(As heard from "Accidental Dilemma")

And now for my newest feature; The Secret Odyssey! Notice the word "Secret", and how things aren't always as they seem around here?

For example: Odyssey has it's own James Bond! That's right. Quaint little Odyssey has a field agent for the intelligence community living right there, pretending to live a normal life.
But then he disappears and travels around the world on top-secret missions! Yet to meet Jason Whitaker, you'd never guess it.

Look... he even has a double chin!!

This is just on example of the many secrets that Odyssey is too lame to tell anybody.

Oh yes, there's more. Stay posted!

Q & A with Rusty

Wow, I'm kind of surprised that I have 3 questions already, seeing as how I just started...
Let's get to it, though!

Q: Rusty who-ever-you-are, why do you think Odyssey is so stupid?
A: Well Travis, you've obviously never lived there; if you have it would have been clear as day how stupid and out-dated the town is. Take my word for it!
-Rusty G.

Q: Just out of curiousity, what is your favorite Odyssey ep?
A: You're assuming I like AIO Episodes...
-Rusty G.

Q: Who are you??
A: Wouldn't you like to know. Right now, I'm Rusty Gordon.

-Rusty G.

Jun 6, 2008

The Complete Bryan/Glossman Interview

In the Episode "A Capsule Comes to Town", you heard part of an interview that Bryan Dern had with Philip Glossman on his show. Here, my friends, is the complete interview.

Bryan: Welcome once again to the 'Cryin Bryan Dern Show! Today is our weekly edition of "The Lame Odyssey"! With me in the studio right now is former resident and town councel member of Odyssey, Philip Glossman!
So, Phil-
Glossman: Mr. Glossman, actually.
Bryan: Ya whatever. One of your fellow citizens, Rusty Gordan... he was on my show last week, and seems to have made a career out of blasting Odyssey! How 'bout you, you lived there... is it as "stuck in the past" as Rusty says?
Glossman: Are you kidding? Stuck... super glued, cemented, fossilized-
Bryan: I like that!
Glossman: It's like the last fifty years have never happened!
Bryan: Maybe they didn't. You never know with Odyssey...
Glossman: It's probably the most old-fashioned, boring small town ever! I mean, have they "filled that pothole on main street" yet?
Bryan: Exactly! So, what was it like as a town counsel member?
Glossman: Awful. In between four-hour long meetings about where to put the 5th street sign, there was this incredibly annoying counsel member, Tom Rily...
Bryan: That's true!
Glossman: That man would disagree with you about everything!
Bryan: Maybe that's what living in Odyssey does to a man!
Glossman: It was about time I moved away.
Bryan: Right! So, what is your job now? Is it more exiting then being on the Odyssey counsel?
Glossman: Definitely.
Bryan: So... what exactly is your new job?
Glossman: I work in the wildlife preserve department of Campbell County.
Bryan: I see.
Glossman: Are we almost done? I have a meeting with the mayor of Connelsville about the Harmfulness of Trees to the Environment.
Bryan: Uh, sure thing. This has been the 'Cryin Bryan Dern show! Tune in next week for another edition of "The Lame Odyssey"!

Welcome to Rusty's Blog

Welcome to my blog, where you're sure to get the inside scoop of that puny little town called Odyssey!
I'll include interviews, scoops, and scandles... all uncovered by yours truly!
Got a question about Odyssey? I'll answer it.
Stay posted, and prepare to be awed by the stupidity and corkyness of the very town where I used to live... Right here at my blog!